Starting  from  birth   through  adolescence  there  are   many     issues affecting  the health  of  our  children. They  include  general childhood illnesses, critical illness, behavioral  &  psychological  problems .A good germinated seed gives rise to a good plant, like wise a good conception  and  upbringing  the foetus in the mother's womb shall bring out a good baby.Thus the Pediatric  care and advice to the mother should start right from the dayof conception and leading the care ahead upto adolescence so that a good citizen is the outcome.

The  infant mortality of our state is the  second highest in the country. In the whole of  the  eastern India , the infant and childhood mortality  and morbidity  are alarmingly high. The main  causes  of  infant mortality  are perinatal  causes, respiratory  illness ,  diarrhea ,  measles,malaria  and other infectious diseases. Malnutrition is a  single  most  factor  affecting more than 50 % children which is  a  cause   and   compounding  problemfor  almost  all  diseases, crippling the society .  Besides  these  there  are  many  psychological  illnesses.   Another vulnerable group are the children from 10-18  years  (adolescents) . Thus the  strategy for all teaching and training programmes should aim at solving the above child health problems


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